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This website is a re-creation of my original blog 'Penny's Place Childminding' which I wrote regularly between mid 2012 - beginning of 2019 when it was archived and all of my blogs and articles were saved on documents until now.

Unfortunately it has not been possible to bring across all of the photos and comments from the original site, but I do hope you will enjoy it and also please feel free to add comments to any of the articles

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Original "Welcome to my Blog!"
My name is Penny Webb , and I am mother to four, now grown up daughters and granny to ELEVEN grandchildren, 5 boys and 6 girls.

New readers of my blog may wonder why it is called ‘Penny’s Place Childminding’. This is because for over 30 years I have been involved in the early years sector and in particular with childminding, being a Registered Childminder from 1984 – 2004 and from 2010 – 2016. In between my two registrations I worked as Childminding Development Officer for Worcestershire Local Authority, taking the lead on Childminding Networks.

Although I have always had involvement with other areas of the early years sector such as nurseries and pre schools through tutoring, quality assurance assessments and my volunteering, it is within childminding that I have built my knowledge and reputation – including this blog.

Therefore, I have decided to keep the name of the blog, especially as I fully intend to continue to be an advocate for Registered Childminding.

I am passionate about ensuring that all children experience enabling environments, that enable them to reach their full potential, whatever that might be, through following their interests, supported by interested adults who know when to become involved and when to stand back.

I am totally against tick boxes, criteria check lists, bench marking, and labelling children. I believe that children should learn through play, in their own time and free of stress. It is because of these views that I am an active campaigner against what I consider to be inappropriate Government policy.

My passion extends beyond the children in my direct care as I believe that it is important to share good practice, ideas and information, which I have always done through my voluntary work and by always being happy to talk to people about my experiences. I now use this blog to share information as well as my two professional Facebook Groups.

Readers need to be aware that I was diagnosed as dyslexic in December 2014, which was a shock at my age. However, it does explain the mistakes in my writing, such as spelling, grammar, typo’s that I don’t spot, using completely the wrong words sometimes (that I also don’t spot), missing words and so on.

I hope readers of my blog will be able to focus on the content of my blogs and the information and opinions that I am sharing.

In June 2016 I received a British Empire Medal (BEM) in the Queen’s 2016 Birthday Honours list. I was nominated by PACEY for the volunteering that I do within the Early Years sector, working with and supporting many organisations and individuals.

Further Update - May 2020
However, now just over 3 years since I first became ill, I have managed to reduce the amount of slow release morphine that I need to take every day through using other pain management techniques such as distraction, heat via a hot water bottle, music and if needed quick release morphine. I hope that over the coming months I will be able undertake some more volunteering such as knitting premature baby hats for a local children's hospital on my better days; and through having no time pressure or deadlines some blogging / writing articles around the issues I feel strongly about. I also hope to build up my engagement in campaigning via Twitter and Facebook.

I know my illness is not going to get better and in fact will get worse over time as more parts of my body are impacted on. However, I do not give up easily and still have hope that I will on occasion (with the right support) be able to attend some early years events.

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