Friday 20th July

Alex, Archie, Shona and Erin attending – all 2 yrs old

We continued exploring ‘homes’ as part of our very loose (and often ignored) outline theme of ‘Goldilocks’ and the three bears’

Earlier in the week (and before I started this blog) we had visited a building site and watched the diggers and the dumper trucks, the men with the hard hats (and all children know why the builders wear the hats) the finished houses and the half finished houses – of different types.

So free play this morning centered round the ‘Happyland’ homes – cottage, windmill, canal boat, Romany caravan – and because they wanted it out – the fairy toadstool.

But also on Archie’s extension of topic – using the pretend tools – in particular the two ‘bang bangs’ and Alex’s discovery and therefore extension of his play – the small magnetic cars and trucks that can move the big magnetic building blocks.

We also had a visitor ‘Aunty Shell’ who is my eldest daughter and also a registered childminder bringing with her one minded child and my 3m old granddaughter Selena Rose – May. Shona is particularly interested in babies at the moment and so stayed very close to Selena.

Once Aunty Shell had gone home we went into the garden where the children engaged in throwing balls and beanbags, stacking empty spools that Ig got from the scrap store, chalking over everything, and moving the collection of pebbles from one container to another.

It was then time for lunch and nap time (which is what the children are doing while I get to grips with this blog writing!)

So why then despite all this fantastic play, exploration and social interaction do I have a headache and am shattered?

The answer came via a tweet from my colleague Laura Henry in which she tweeted this quote
The fundamental job of a toddler is to rule the universe” Lawrence Kutner

Ahh yes – the noise level, the ‘it’s mine’, ‘need wee wee’ (3 of 4 potty training) and the resulting running up and down the stairs to empty / wash said potties, the ability to revert to previous stage of development verbalising (read squealing and screaming)

Oh well despite being shattered a very good morning

Children all had a nap after lunch – some longer than others. Children engaged in free play both inside and outside (lovely to be outside most of the day)

When Archie’s mum came to collect him, he told her all about his day – and wanted to show her the 3 bears and Goldilocks figures in the dolls house (currently of course the 3 Bears cottage) Archie is in the early stages of developing his small world play – so both Mummy and I were delighted (and impressed) when Archie used a small piece of material in 3 different ways in the space of about 6 minutes.

First he used it as a cover for Goldilocks in the bed saying ‘ night night’, then he wrapped Goldilocks in the material saying ‘wet, wet’ (and it was clear he was drying Goldilocks. Finally he put the material on the floor got one of the bears and put it on the material saying ‘Change, change nappy’

A lovely end to the week as Archie the last to go home.

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