Friday 27th July

Well today is the day that I have 5 under 5 mindees for the first time – from 1st September 2012 I will be able to look after these mindees on my own under the new ‘exception’ rules of the revised EYFS.

Please see my separate post on changes to the variation request under current EYFS to the exception rules under the revised EYFS.

Anyway for today I am required to have an assistant or co minder to maintain the conditions of registration and numbers of children, but as none of them are free – my friend Carol who provides holiday relief – and who only has one child in her care today – will with permission of from parents, be in charge of Erin during the hours that number exceed my current variation, but spending the day at my setting so all the children can be together.

The day gets off to a noisy start as myself and the three mindees present just after 8am take part in ringing bells to start the Olympics. We have Radio Two on very loud so we can hear all the bells in London over our own bell ringing. Each mindee choose a hand bell and took a full and active part – in fact they were so good they were given a second hand bell each so they could make even more noise (sorry neighbours). There was much laughter, jumping up and down and general excitement – and that was just me – you should have seen the children! 3 minutes was not long enough for us so we played all through the next song as well. Afterwards Alex recalled in detail what we had done and specifically mentioned the ‘loud bell’ on the radio.

The children then wanted to go outside – and were excited to find that some black feet shaped pieces had been added. They quickly got to ‘work’ making a a line of wooden circles (as before but not described as snake today) and a trail of feet shapes. To complete ‘the look’ they added some chalk marks on the ground.

Carol and the baby A, then arrived as did Chinzia, so we were now all there – 2 adults – me and Carol, 6 children – Baby A, Archie, Erin, Alex, Shona, Chinzia.

I put the kettle on – but for some reason never got round to making the drinks – it was much later that Carol said’ I’ll make a drink then shall I’!!

One of the most popular items today was the cardboard tubes (from the scrap store of course). The children discovered that they could ‘wear; them on their arms and walked around with a tube on each arm – all holding arms out (well hard to do do anything else with tubes on your arms) but some were aeroplanes and some were robots.

Of course these clever and inventive children found more uses for the tubes:- they rolled them on the ground, and posted things in them – Baby A some pine cones which Erin then joined in with squeezing as many cones in as she could, Alex posted some small wooden cars into a number of tubes that were stood upright in a box- and Alex also managed to balance the tubes on top of each other to make a tower.

At one point Alex removed himself from the group play and was ‘found’ under the children’s table playing – in his words – ‘driving car’.

Archie made cakes using the tin cake tin, cake cases and then small cake cases as the cakes. He offered one to Shona and Alex but they didn’t want one – which upset Archie so I suggested he gave one to Carol – No the cakes were not for Carol (does he know/ understand she is on a diet!) but Penny was allowed one ( he does know Penny likes cakes!). Erin decided she would also make cakes – but choose different items to do so – an empty ice cream box and some pebbles. She offered one to Carol who said ‘no thank you’, then offered one to me – I took a large pebble and said ‘a big cake for Penny’ Erin took it off me and said ‘no a small one for Penny – and gave me a small pebble cake. As I say clever children – they pick up so much through normal conversations and apply their own knowledge – in this case we have been looking at sizes through our loose topic on Goldilocks and the 3 bears (although if been reading the blogs this week you will know the Goldilocks / 3 bears have not been mentioned since Monday when Archie used the piece of material in different ways)

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