Thursday 26th July

Early this morning I was planning the outdoor environment ‘in my head’ – which is about as much ‘forward planning’ that I ever do!

Can’t see the point myself in spending hours thinking about possible activities, themes and so on – months in advance – and then adding the details on a weekly or even daily basis. In my opinion – how can we possibly know in advance what the children’s interests will be or even in detail their exact stage of development?

And whats more – what a waste of time to then change the planning because of the limits of forward planning or even having to cross out all the neat referencing to the development matters statements because the children do something other than what you intended them to do.

Sorry I am rambling – or maybe I am not?

So back to this morning and my in my head planning. On my way up the side passage with the dog after our morning walk (well this morning very quick dash) – I almost fell over the sand table and the lovely movable sand toys trolley (influenced by FECCERS – which in my opinion is a useless assessment tool but a fantastic self audit tool – more on that another day) – and that got me thinking – no not FECCERS – falling over the sand table – why not add sand into the environment along with the shells and containers?

In my head I congratulated myself – supporting interests, possible schema’s – and extending play / offering different opportunities – no wonder I am judged outstanding!

The day starts well some lovely play (sorry no photo’s as children in them all). Chinzia who has been on an extended holiday for 2.5 months staying with grandparents in Romania returned and very happy to see us all and settled to play quickly (only one slight difficult – she is speaking mainly in Romanian – and I have a vocab of just 2 Romanian words! ).

All well until Archie arrives – and I go into kitchen to prepare Archie’s breakfast – I can see and hear children, but journey from garden to kitchen means they are out of sight for about 30 seconds. As I enter the kitchen and look out of window I am in time to see sand flying through the air and covering Chinzia!! The thrower will remain nameless but was ‘spoken to’ about the dangers of sand throwing and Chinzia who was of course upset was telling me all about it – in Romanian – and I was comforting her in English. Luckily a cuddle works it magic in all languages.

At this point I was not considering myself outstanding at all – and was doing some ‘in the head’ reflecting!!

Luckily we were going out a bit later to our favourite place – Arley Arboretum – so sand throwing was not an issue (for the time being). We met with our friend Carol and her Mindees, had a great time and a picnic lunch – and as a treat ice lollies for the children, and coffee and cake for Penny.

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