Tuesday 24th July

To test out my blogging skills (which are somewhat lacking at this stage) today I am going to try adding some photo’s!

Today during the morning the children could choose to play inside or outside, they all decided to play outside with the collections of containers, balls, pebbles, pine cones and wooden circles – oh and an off-cut of artificial grass – all except the balls and storage containers sourced from the scrap store (blue containers coming from my friend Carol. All items were still in the storage containers (lids off) so complete free choice of what to play with and how to play with it

Here the children decided to place balls into the blue containers – note one container / one ball and although the balls are different colours they are the same size and type.

Later on I noted that the children had places pine cones into a container with ‘holes’ – again one pine cone to one hole.

During the afternoon the children wanted the paddling pool out again – but soon abandoned the pool when asked if they wanted to help harvest the early potatoes.

I decided to offer a next step opportunity and asked the children if they would like to put the potatoes into the blue containers to dry (after I had washed them). They did ! – and quickly piled potatoes into a couple of blue containers. I then suggested that they children put just two potatoes into each container and introduced ‘one more’ and ‘one less’ to help support their counting. Alex quickly grasped the idea and was able to select two potatoes without counting and then check he did have two by counting them into the container. The girls Shona and Mia needed a little more practice and support but did succeed in putting two potatoes into their container.


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